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28th Nov 2023

How Chris Norton Connects Storytelling with PR Strategy

Hector Santiesteban sits down with Chris Norton, founder of Prohibition and host of the Socially Unacceptable podcast. Chris delves into his rich journey within the PR industry, from his educational roots to founding his own agency. He shares valuable insights on the essence of public relations, emphasizing honesty, speed, and controlling the narrative in crisis management. He also highlights the challenges and triumphs of scaling a business, transitioning from a practitioner to a business owner, and the importance of evolving with the industry. Chris's candid stories and expert advice make this episode a must-listen for anyone looking to understand the depths and dynamics of modern public relations.


  • 00:00: Kickstart with Chris Norton - Unveiling the World of PR and Crisis Management
  • 00:02:10: Deep Dive into Crisis Response - Chris's Expert Take on Immediate Action
  • 00:04:15: Transparency in PR - Chris on the Power of Honesty in Communication
  • 00:06:20: Tackling Today's PR Challenges - Adapting to Digital Crises
  • 00:08:30: Mastering Social Media in PR - Effective Strategies for Online Crises
  • 00:10:45: Case Analysis: BP Oil Spill - Lessons from a Major Crisis
  • 00:13:00: PR and Marketing Harmony - Navigating Promotion in Times of Crisis
  • 00:15:30: Scaling PR Tactics for Small Businesses - Big Impact on a Small Budget
  • 00:18:00: The PR-Podcasting Crossover - How They Enhance Each Other
  • 00:20:45: Final Thoughts & 'Socially Unacceptable' - Connect with Chris

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